Visiting a cenote is one of the most liked by tourists and residents of the Riviera Maya. Since they are natural freshwater wells, they feed on groundwater.


There are many beautiful cenotes around Playa del Carmen and Tulum; closed cenotes or cavern cenotes, semi-open or with some upper perforation, and open cenotes. If discovering cenotes is beautiful, imagine getting to know cenotes for free!



Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen has a special promotion for you: A free tour to beautiful cenotes in Tulum when you book -at least- 6 nights in one of our properties.

These cenotes are exclusive, so you will not find many people like in the popular and busy cenotes found on the banks off the road. It will practically be for you and your friends.

This Cenotes Tour of Condo Hotels starts in Playa del Carmen, from 8 in the morning, when you are picked up one of our condo hotels. You should wear comfortable clothes, swimsuit, sandals or water shoes, a towel, a biodegradable repellent, a change of clothes and eager to have fun! (Book now)



The first cenotes to visit are 13 km from Tulum. The land where you arrive is called San Tuunich, which in Mayan means hidden white stone or hidden stone.

Upon reaching the cenote, you must ask permission from the gods of the Xibalba, who, according to Mayan beliefs, the caverns and the cenotes were entrances to the kingdom of the dead.

A shaman will bless you and gives you his protection. Even if you are a bit skeptical, I recommend that you do it as a way of respecting the Mayan culture, the region in which we enjoy these beautiful cenotes. (Book now)



The next thing will be to choose your life jacket, which for everyone’s safety, the use of this is mandatory in all cenotes.

When entering the first cenote cavern, you will have to do it by some stairs. The depth of the cenote is not much, it varies between 50 centimeters to 5 meters approximately.

The first thing that will catch your attention will be the beautiful blue hue of the cenote. When you dive with your snorkeling gear, you see how crystal clear the water is and the details of the white rocks in this hidden cenote in the Riviera Maya. (Book now)



You should always follow the guide because he knows the way to go and avoid any type of injury. Being this a closed cenote, the lights are of great help to see the geological formations of thousands and even millions of years.

Although if you turn off the lights, you will appreciate the holes where sunlight enters. Giving it a mysterious and photogenic touch.

In the second cenote cavern, you will have to go down some stairs to see the roots of the trees – as if they were columns – touching the water. This cenote has more light and visibility, so it does not need artificial lights to swim.

Here the depth and area are conducive to throwing a dive into the fresh and crystal-clear water. Also, you can practice snorkeling in the cenote. (Book now)



The third cenote of this tour has speleothems that hang on the ceiling. These stalactites are still alive, and you will notice when you see the drops of water flowing from its center.

It is important to be careful not to hurt ourselves and not to collide with this calcareous formation since our pH stops its growth. When using your snorkeling gear, you will notice the calcified coral reefs at the bottom and notice fossils of marine animals or snails on the roof. (Book now)


Since this area used to be below sea level, but over thousands of years, the water was descending and thanks to the amount of lime in the environment, the reefs solidified.

Within this third cenote inhabit the Toh birds, which in Mayan means pendulum. This mysterious bird has blue and ocher shades having a long tail as a particular sign, which when standing on a branch, begins to move to simulate a pendulum movement. (Book now)



The fourth cenote on the tour is called Cenote Manatí, an open cenote surrounded by green mangroves and stunning jungle. Casa Cenote, as it is also known, is a mixture of fresh and saltwater, due to its proximity to the sea.

The maximum depth of Cenote Manatí is 6 meters, ideal for snorkeling outdoors. You will see the flora and fauna that live there. The multiple colorful fish, the roots of the mangroves and in the background, some divers swimming. (Book now)



All this and more, you can know in the free tour of Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen Would you like to book now? 😋🌴