A day to remember at Xcaret Park in Playa del Carmen

  So, are you wondering what Xcaret is?   The first thing you notice when you walk into Xcaret Park is it’s simplistic surroundings. It brings a sense of complete peace and serenity anywhere you go. It is also home to a Mexican…

Xenotes -A day to take a break from the world and have fun

  If what you’re looking for during your stay is adventure and excitement, we’re pretty sure that you will love exploring the Xenotes that’s part of the well known Xcaret Family. Unlike the other parks that are part from Experiencias…
december in playa del carmen
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What’s new in December in Playa del Carmen?

During the months of December and January lots of events and traditional celebrations take place in Mexico, making this the most popular and coolest months of the year to visit Playa del Carmen. If you're planning to stay with us during these…
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Swimming with gente giants. #InternationalWhaleSharkDay

Swimming with gentle giants. #InternationalWhaleSharkDay

The season has arrived and you can finally have the chance to swim with a whale shark! But… Do you really know the largest ‘shark’ in the sea?