Xenotes -A day to take a break from the world and have fun

If what you’re looking for during your stay is adventure and excitement, we’re pretty sure that you will love exploring the Xenotes that’s part of the well known Xcaret Family.

Unlike the other parks that are part from Experiencias Xcaret (Xcaret, Xel-Ha, Xenses, and Xplor), Xenotes is more of an experience or essentially a tour that includes different stops at four different cenotes inside the Ruta de los Cenotes, a road that stretches from Puerto Morelos and connects towards many cenotes along the road.

Some of these cenotes are within a walkable distance from each other while some other are just a bumpy drive away. Now besides only visiting the cenotes, there’s much more you can do!

At the open cenotes, you have the opportunity to zip line. On both you can have fun finding new ways to hang, or flip your way down into the refreshing water of the cenote! On the first zipline you can hang on as you quickly zip across the lines just before dropping off into the water and on the second, there’s a swing that lets you glide easily toward the surface. Are you ready?

Then there’s the kayaking part! Although this activity is a bit short, it’s also a very beautiful ride through a cenote with sheer walls drenched with lush vegetation. After, you’ll have the chance to snorkel or simply swim at any of the cenotes if you’re in need to cool off from the Caribbean heat. Don’t expect to find luscious tropical fish when you’re snorkelling. In this ecosystem you’ll be able to see some small catfish and turtles along with some lily pads and rock formations, don’t forget to let yourself float along and admire the unique above-water scenery that only cenotes have!

Last but not least, have about we do some rappeling to end our day at Xenotes? Doesn’t matter if you’ve never ever done this before, the staff at Xenotes offers you a safe and controlled opportunity to try this intimidating-looking activity, they have of all ropes and harnesses the whole time, so your descend is a safe and easy one into the cenote below you. Are you up to the challenge for your next stay in Playa del Carmen?