A day to remember at Xcaret Park in Playa del Carmen

So, are you wondering what Xcaret is?>

The first thing you notice when you walk into Xcaret Park is it’s simplistic surroundings. It brings a sense of complete peace and serenity anywhere you go. It is also home to a Mexican cemetery, a coral reef aquarium, a butterfly pavilion, underground rivers, beaches and natural pools, a place where you can swim with dolphins and much, much more!

There is so much to do at Xcaret you really need to study the map and decide which things you are going to complete because of how big it is. Also, be aware that Xcaret isn’t a cheap day trip, it is perfect for those who want to splurge on a fun day in a park with your partner, friends or family. There are also plenty of extra activities to be had, such as the adrenaline boat trip, Scuba and Sea Trek, and there are some relaxing activities like massages and sauna If you feel like pampering yourself 😉

We know there’s so much to do in Xcaret, but we would like to recommend you 3 spots/activities we’re sure you should not miss. First, the traditional graveyard. On the 1st of November – the Dia de los Muertos – the deceased are remembered in a very loving and unique way. Here, people cooks to their loved ones favorite dishes and remember and celebrate their lives. Since this is a moment to celebrate and not to mourn, the graveyard is lovingly decorated with colorful motifs. Second, Xcaret’s rotating scenic tower. This magnificent tower holds 72 people and reaches 80 meters above the ground showing you otherworldly views of Xcaret and the Riviera Maya. Blue skies, crystal clear Caribbean waters and the lush mayan jungle will surely delight your eyes.

And last but not least, the night show. Even though you might be feeling a little tired by the end of the night, believe me it’s worth it. The show gives you a wonderful insight into the life of the Mayan civilization, the arrival of the Spaniards and also shares common customs with different dances, songs and costumes that will make you fall in love.

Don’t miss Xcaret Park next time you visit Playa del Carmen!