What’s El Buen Fin?

Is the BUEN FIN the Mexican ‘Black Friday?>

And the answer is… thanks to our consumer culture, Yes! Although the Buen Fin, which means “the good weekend” has piggybacked USA’s Black Friday, it has also some unique traits that make sells a great success in Mexico since 2011.

It is actually more like a Black Weekend. Starting on Friday all the way to Monday, and this weekend it’s always referred to as “the cheapest weekend of the year” in Mexico since brands, local businesses and malls take part in the event.

In Playa del Carmen you can find ‘Sale‘ signs everywhere a week before the Buen Fin begins so tourists and locals get hyped in advance. Good deals are not difficult to find at stores such as Sears or Liverpool where apparel items have good discounts, while supermarkets such as City Club, Soriana or Walmart offer decent discounts on appliances and electronics.

It is rare to find 50%, 70% or even 80% discounts but not impossible, so better keep your eyes wide open for any good promotions while shopping in Playa del Carmen!

Still looking for reasons to take part on the Buen Fin? Since being launched by the Mexican government to stimulate Mexico’s economy, this modern holiday is quickly turning into a tradition and with it’s success tempting rewards await every customer, such as juicy reimbursements emitted by the government for purchases made during the Buen Fin weekend.

In the end, the Buen Fin is a win-win for locals and tourists too because who doesn’t love shopping while saving some pesos… So you can shop some more!

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