Getting ready to head over to the Riviera Maya but know nothing or too little about it? We got you covered!

We will tell you some important facts about how this caribbean jungle evolved to be one of the trendiest destination in the world and why it is an ideal destination for travelers looking to indulge under the sun or simply escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Once upon a time…Few years ago the Riviera Maya was nothing but jungle and collection of relaxing fishing villages. Who would have thought that these white-sand beaches and 75 miles of ancient Mayan mysteries would become and international vacation destination for explorers, sun, adventure and nature lovers.

How it all began…Mayan civilization originated in the Yucatan peninsula around 2600 B.C. They were known as the most prominent classic civilization in Mesoamerica.
The mayans created a series of impressive temples, palaces and observatories while turning their gaze skyward. Dedicating themselves to create a very sophisticated calendar and track celestial movements.

Pok-ta-pokThe Mayans created a sacred ball game similar to basketball called ‘Pok-ta-pok’.
Games were played in a large stone amphitheater as a religious ritual and the object of the games were to knock a rubber ball through a stone ring, using only the hips, knees, and elbows.
This was a game where a player could definitely ‘lose his head’ over, because it was the winning team who was routinely sacrficed to the gods

A new beginning…Suddenly, around A.D. 900 the Mayan civilization dissapeared. Leaving behind all their majestic temples and palaces to crumble and be swallowed by the thick jungle.
Now-a-days there are about 6 million Mayan descendants living in the region who have preserved their language throughout the Riviera Maya.

The second-largest coral reef system in the world…
It just takes a short boat ride offshore to see that the Riviera Maya is home to a wide variety of colorful corals, sponges, sea fans and reef fishes. This along its strong currents that allow dirft diving, are great reasons why the Riviera Maya is a perfect destination for divers.
Simply go with the flow and enjoy!

Cenotes, the perfect spot…
The Yucatan Peninsula has a complex network of hundreds of miles of underground rivers which are covered by limestone. The Peninsula also has the three largest underwater cave systems in the world, only 60 miles of these caverns have been explored.
In case you didn’t know, the Mayans considered cenotes to be sacred entrances to the underworld. These made them a very important part of some of their rituals

Now that you know a little bit more of the Riviera Maya…
Learning about its culture, history, amazing reefs and unique cenotes makes it easy to understand why the Riviera Maya is a world-known destination for travelers!
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