Boutique Hotel in Playa del Carmen

What is a Boutique Hotel in Playa del Carmen?

Not all Hotels are boutique, this term is used to call hotels that have intimate and unconventional environments, generally with a touch of luxury and exclusivity.
They are usually hotels with fewer rooms, with own personality and identity, located in the most picturesque, romantic or special areas of the destination you are visiting. Unlike the all-inclusive grand resorts, they offer a much more personalized and meticulous attention to the guest. They have extraordinary amenities and privacy. Such as the freedom of the guest, are the most important.
And now, why is staying in a Boutique Hotel in Playa del Carmen the best option?
One of the characteristics that will make you feel the difference of staying at a boutique hotel is that its main objective is to make you feel at home.
Being smaller hotels, exclusivity and privacy are fully guaranteed. However, they are equipped with first class amenities and up to date technology so that their guests can enjoy all the comforts and live a luxurious experience.
These types of hotels are made for guests looking for quality accommodation and exclusivity and a sense of adventure to live as a local. Exclusivity that is not only measured through the service provided, but by its facilities and the environment in which it is located, such as the case of Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen.
Being the pioneers in the management of the Condo lodging concept, Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen, offers its guests a global experience that is not limited to what can happen inside the walls of a room. Located in the Golden Zone of Playa del Carmen, Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen offers to their guests the possibility of truly knowing this paradisiacal destination.
Its proximity to the famous 5th Avenue, its first class amenities, VIP privileges in the most exclusive restaurants in the city and the care we have taken to respect and preserve the environment of our community as well as its customs, are some of the characteristics and big differences that will make you feel that you are staying in a true Boutique Hotel and giving you the opportunity to meet our beautiful city from inside. We will not only make you feel and enjoy your holidays to the fullest, we will make you feel that you are part of our family.

Playa del Carmen

In 2018 the Riviera Maya, where the amazing Playa del Carmen is located, obtained the 4th place in the Ranking of the 10 Best Tourist Destinations to travel according to Forbes magazine.
Playa del Carmen receives millions of visitors a year, who come to discover and fall in love with the beautiful turquoise blue beaches, it’s delicious cuisine, imposing archaeological sites, nightlife and of course, the warmth of its people.
Due to the above, the destination has been growing offering a wide variety of lodging possibilities: hostels, holiday rentals, all-inclusive hotels or boutique hotels.
Although the decision of the Lodging will depend completely on the style of traveler you are, budget and with whom you are traveling, definitely, Boutique Hotels will always be an option to consider knowing the heart of the Riviera Maya.