Today we share five of our favorite Caribbean destinations for a romantic getaway in the Riviera Maya.

If you and your lover want some romantic time together for Valentine’s and you have the chance to get away for a couple of days, the Mexican Caribbean is perfect for that lovely vacation you’ve been dreaming of for a long time. Playa del Carmen and its surroundings have been considered some of the most popular romance destinations in the world.

You can whisk away with your loved one on a wonderful adventure that will help strength your relationship even more. And while a lot of people go to trending cities, other prefer to break from the monotony of the city and try something new.

Here are a few hidden gems in the Mexican Caribbean where you can celebrate your love!

*All pictures on this post were taken by Del Sol Photography*

Playa del Carmen
A romantic walk past the city lights will boost the passion you feel for each other. This beautiful chic city has great spots with a very romantic atmosphere. As you slowly stroll through the 5th Avenue, you and your sweetheart will savor the time together. You will definitely love that downtown is filled with lovely bars and restaurant to quench your thirst and fill your appetite as you make an emotional toast to your relationship. Don’t miss sipping on some delicious champagne after enjoying the delicious and romantic tasting menu for two that Plank Gourmet Grill and Patio Bar has available.

A beautiful and natural place in the Riviera Maya, it exudes romance and tickles your emotions with the sound of the waves, ideal for a dreamy couple getaway. There are so many things to do and see as the place is a jewel right in the heart of the Mexican Caribbean. There are magnificent places where you can stay and enjoy the view. It will feel like a magical trip with spots created to enthrall your senses. You can make this as a daytrip from Playa del Carmen as it is only 30 to 45-minute distance.

This is a small island located on the eastern coast of the Yucatán Peninsula, opposite to Playa del Carmen and is perfect for a holiday vacation with your love. You can explore the place on foot or you can go around the island using a golf cart, scooter or by taxi and get to the other side of the island. You will be amazed at the ancient cultural landscape at El Cedral. This is a place for couples who are physically active since there are different activities to do around.

For a short holiday trip, Akumal is the perfect place to visit. You can also make it a side trip from Playa del Carmen or Tulum. You will surely enjoy the place as you evoke romantic memories with your lover. Snorkeling on the beach will be worth it as you will truly appreciate the lovely sightings of turtles swimming near the coast. The beach town, has a couple of boutiques and restaurants that will allow for a truly romantic experience. It is worth a visit to Half Moon Bay where you can experience a gorgeous sunset.

This island is full of promising romantic activities that you can enjoy together. You can go take a walk down the beach or get lost watching the perfect sunrise while you get to spend quality couple time together. Relax in your hammock, toast for your love and have the famous Lobster Pizza that has made this quaint retreat well-known.