#AskTheExpert Destination Wedding in Playa del Carmen 101

Destinations weddings have become more popular with so many couples choosing beautiful exotic locations, being Playa del Carmen in the Riviera Maya one of the most popular places to have a destination wedding in Mexico because of its incredible year-round weather, stunning views and destination wedding packages created to fit your every need….

The most romantic journey of your lives is about to being.
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Why a destination wedding?
This is a great opportunity to have close to you all your dearest friends and family.
Besides attending to your wedding in a wonderful location away from home, you can also enjoy a little vacation at the same time.

Mexico and especially the Riviera Maya is home of a bunch of fantastic locations with world-famous beaches and cities filled with culture and history. You can choose to celebrate your destination wedding at the beach or the jungle, for those seeking a real tropical experience.

#AskTheExpert Destination Wedding in Playa del Carmen 101
#AskTheExpert Destination Wedding in Playa del Carmen 101

When’s the best time to go?
The majority of the Riviera Maya has a pleasant, humid and warm weather year-round.
However, you should be checking the weather since the rainy hurricane reason typically starts on June and ends in October. Another wise advice, is to avoid the high seasons, which include Spring break, Easter and Christmas.

If your main goal is to achieve a perfect beach wedding with blue skies and clear turquoise water, then the best time you should go would be between November and April, when there’s not much rain.

Do I need a Destination Wedding Specialist?

One of the main pros of planning your destination wedding in Playa del Carmen, is that you can find a place where to stay in a premium location in the heart of Playa del Carmen. And some of these even include a very well experienced onsite destination wedding planner of coordinator.

But, if you have no idea of where to start planning your destination wedding, getting in touch with us may be a good idea! We can even help you book al your accommodations.

#AskTheExpert Destination Wedding in Playa del Carmen 101
#AskTheExpert Destination Wedding in Playa del Carmen 101

Want to know when to start booking?
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